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Learning Essential Skills for Children with Special Needs

Among the children, a few of them needs special attention and support for being independent in their life living skills and other learning activities. It is important for the caretaker that inspite just giving a nomenclature to their problems, they need to work on clinical symptoms associated with the problems to overcome them as per required preference.

We just need to remove 'ab' from the word ab-normal to bring these children as near as possible to the normal behaviour to enable them to live an independent life.

To fulfill the object, The following sets are excellent material is made available, free of cost as just uidance material ( if possible under the guidance of a trained professional ) to improve desired skill areas :

Clapping Hands :

Learn Clapping Hands                   More

Function of Objects :

Learn Functions of Objects                   More

Knowing Body Parts :

Learn Body Parts                                  More

Pointing Desired Objects :

Learn pointing desired Objects                             More