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Videos and WorkBooks for Essential Learning & Study Skills

To Learn and improve 'Learning Skills' required for performing well in early years of schooling, it is necessary to teach correct contnent and material for practicing the same simultaneously.

Following Set of Video tools and Workbook samples are prepared by a team of experts after more than 10000 hours of brainstroming and analysis of contents, needs of class and age level, with multisensory approach of learning.

Hindi Videos & Workbooks

To Learn Hindi Reading, Spellings and Comprehension abilities, knowledge of Hindi letters, Matras, Hindi Sight Words, Compound Letters, Vocabulary, Grammar etc. is required. We are presenting you our research oriented work of easy to teach and learn video tools which are free with our practice workbook on the following topics :

~> Hindi Sight Words
~> Hindi Matras
~> Hindi Alphabets
~> Without Matra Words
~> Hindi Grammer and Vocabulary
~> Hindi Compound Words and Others  

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English Videos & Workbooks

Our best team of teachers and educators are bringing you these English Workbook with free video tools for best of skill improvement in English Reading, Spellings and Comprehension Skill ::

~> English Sight Words
~> English Phonic - Vowel Sounds
~> English Phonic - Blends
~> English Phonic - Breaking Words and Spelling Rules
~> English Grammar and Vocabulary
~> English Writing Skills

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 Maths Videos & Workbooks

For Learning Important skills of Calculation and Math Concepts, our books will be helpful in learning ::  

~> Number and Number Concepts
~> Addition and Subtraction
~> Multiplication Tables
~> Multiplication and Division
~> Basic Concepts of Decimal, Fractions, Percentage etc.
~> Other Essential Concepts and Formulas

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 Handwriting Videos & Workbooks

Writing and Copying Skills with Handwriting of the child are one of the core skills with have direct impact on a child's school performacne. Our books are quite helpful in developing motor skills as well as to improve Handwriting skills like ::

~> Speed of writing
~> Copying Skills
~> Clean and proper strokes
~> Neat and legible handwring

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Perceptual and Other Skills Videos & Workbooks

Our this special Section presents you with the best of skill development books for improving very essential ::  

~> Visual Perceptual Skills and Memory
~> Auditory Perceptual Skills and Memory
~> Study Skills for Smart Studies

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