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Class Curriculum Support

During Schools years, along with improving their learning skills, students are also required to enhance their knowledge in different subject wise, the complexsity of which increases classwise. This section provides support with worksheets and tools to learn and prepare different lessions of main subjects from objective to subjective pattern :

​​Class : Nursury

First Step out of HOME. Age mostly between 2.5 to 3.5 years. At Starting Stage of understanding, word recognition, social interaction etc. Start learning letters of languages and early number skills. Help to improve body control, recognition, see and touch with great love and affection.                         ​      Go to Class Nursury

Class : Kindergarten

Adjusted with School environment. start interacting with people outside home. Age from 3.5 to 5.5 on an average. Started recognizing basics of alphabets in languages, numbers and comparision with lots of physical activities. Age when they need lots of attention and patient listening from parents and teachers.                                                           Go to Class KG

Class : 1

Children of around 6 years of average age started developing emotionally and moraly too. They started to have better control over their body and actions and respond with 3 to 4 sentences of appropriate language. Fundamentals of English sounds to read and write, Numbers and knowledge of facts about environment around them started.                                                                            Go to Class 1st

Class : 2

Started learning through use of multisensory approach, children of average age of 7 years establish and maintain social interactions, play with rules, have a basic bank of vocabulary to communicate. Started developing mental and cognitive abilities in addition to writing of their own ideas, making proper drawings and mental maths skills.    Go to Class 2nd

Class : 3

Children of average of 8 years of age.  They maintain friendships in large same-sex groups and begin forming ideas about gender roles and jobs. Started learning individual subjects and concepts and are able to co-relate the same with the things available in their environment. Language and vocabulary development continues from simpe to advance.                                                     Go to Class 3rd

Class : 4

Preparing from just learning fundamentals of languages and Maths to upgrading their use in simple concepts. Age group of 9 to 10 years, independent in communication and interested in new things. Education started taking shape for better transition to junior classes with different subjects and concept base in Science and Social Sciences too.                                     Go to Class 4th

Class : 5

Children of 10 to 11 years of age continue to grow and improve physically, while also growing mentally  and socially. Show improvement in their skill levels and interest in learning new and easy skills. Concept base consolidation of subjects for a smooth transition to junior school is required. This is the stage where a review must be done to strengthen the learnings.                      Go to Class 5th

​​Class : 6

Pre-teenage with changes in body, emotions and choices. Started focusing on self-recognition and appearance. Age where nature of social interaction started changing and needs attention towards learning new concepts and syllabus by application of what ever they have learnt in their primary classes.                                                  Go to Class 6

Class : 7

 Industry is maximized during the exuberant years of early adolesence when children direct their energies to mastering the new cognitive and physical skills of their rapidly expanding world. Inferiority develops from feelings of incompetence and failure to achieve expectation levels. Needs support to cope up with changes in and around and to focus on their studies.                                                Go to Class 7

Class : 8

 Identity is achieved by adolescents finding out who they are and what they are about and exploring alternative solutions to life’s problems. Role confusion is likely among those stifled in this quest. Dimensions of relationships changes and preparation for readiness for Senior and Senior Secondary class is at finalisation which open doors for the future.                                                             Go to Class 8