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Raising Emotionally and Socially Healthy Kids !

Developing Good Habits & Behaviour

Orientation to good daily life habits and learning manners always tends to develop good behaviour patterns among school going children. Learning following may helpful :

~> Good Habits of daily life
~> Basic Manners
~> Good Behaviours

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Behavioural Problems in School Going Children

With the development of kids, they also develop temprament in the form of different behaviours ( Positive or Negative ) as they perceive from others, copying and repeating behaviours of others etc. During this process they may develop some behaviour patterns which may be suitable and needs to be improved. Some of such behaviour patters are :
      ~> Temper Tantrum ( Anger )
      ~> Thumb Sucking


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Guidance for Career Selection

Settleing in desired vocation or career is the target of good education for many of the aspirents. The vocational starts from middle school and needs extensive support during secondary and higher secondary.:

~> Early Vocational Guidance
~> Vocational Guidance at 10th Level
~> Vocational Guidance at 10+2 Level
~> Career Counselling

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Learning Issues with Special Children

Some the children may have special needs for their life living and education etc :

~> Autistic
~> Down's or Other Syndromes ~> ADHD
~> Mild Retardation

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