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Online Teaching & Other Skill Package Options

Online :   Teaching and Guidance Sessions

For providing support to parents and organisations on demand, we provide online teaching and guidance support through our teachers and experts for best of solutions of their requirements of learning. We in general provide 35 to 45 min. sessions in which we interact with students / parents / teachers and share plans and techniques or knowledge to improve specific learning skill areas. We keep track of improvement, needs and school curriculam and plan accordingly for gradual improvement. :

Each session of 45 Min. ( on demand )  

                                                                                                                                Price : Rs.350/- per Session


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Our Three months Membership package covers :
# assessment of needs to improve strong and weak learning areas,
# three month individual plan to improve, 
# monthwise tools and worksheets to learn and practice
# Guidance for School Curriculum
# Regular review of growth and parental guidance support  

                 Duration : 3 months
                 Price : Rs.2500/- ( Rs.3000/-) 


In our Six Month membership, we offer :
# Basic Assessment for Strength and Weakness,  
# Detail plan to learn and improve  
# Monthwise tools and worksheets  
# Periodical review of improvement and guidance to parents by our experts accordingly.  
# Activities to improve IQ, Memory, GK etc.
# Support through worksheets in respect of School Curriculum Subjects  

               Duration :
 6 months
              Price : Rs 4500/- ( Rs.5000/-)   

Content of Areas Covered for Plan  

: English :

Video tools and practice worksheets to learn :

# English Consonent Sounds
# English Vowel & Vowel family sounds with CVC Words
# One & Two, Three, Four & more letter English Sight Words etc.
# Diagraph - ch, sh, th, wh, ph
# Blends : R, L, S and W Blends
# Long Vowel Sounds
# Ending Y and E Sounds
# Bossy R Sounds
# Syllabication
# Spelling Rules etc.

: Hindi :

Video tools and worksheets to learn :

# Hindi Alphabets - Swar and Vyanjan
# Without Matra Words
# Hindi One, Two, Three and More Letter Sight Words
# Hindi AA, E, EE, O, OO, A, AE, O, AO Matra reading and spellings
# Diffrentiating between E - EE, O - OO, A - AE, and O - AO matras
# Hindi Compound Letters
# Hindi Half Letters
# Hindi Other Matras

: Maths :

Learning tools and practice sheets for :

# Pre Maths and Numbers and Number concepts like after-before, skip counting etc,
# Basic and Mental additon and subtraction,
# Multiplication tables upto 20 with basic and mental multiplication and division,
# Other basic maths concepts  


: writing Skills :

Learning tools and practice sheets for :

# Fine Motor Excercises to improve writing abilities
# Pattern and Manuscript English handwriting practices
# Cursive English handwriting pattern and writing practices
# Hindi & Number Handwriting

: Study Skills :

Learning tools and practice sheets to learn :

# Study Organisation
# Study Techniques
# Memory Techniques
# Exam Preprations  


: Perceptual Skills :

    Learning tools and practice sheets for :

Visual Perceptual skills
# Auditory Perceptual Skills
# Reasoning & Memory